Dog Collars ... Akela's Den!

Adjustable heavy duty collar:
good heavy hardware and heavy webbing for a long lasting collar (Blue or Red) O-ring comes in 1 and 3/4" inside diameter.

adjustable fleece padded collar:
good heavy hardware and heavy webbing with fleece as padding. Comes in different sizes (S-M-L-XL)

Biothane collar:
These collars are coated with a protective shield of Urethane.
This biothane webbing has many more advantages than the regular webbing.
Thanks to the coating the webbing is easy to clean, anti microbial, mold & mildew resistant, UV protection, and many more.

Heavy duty collar (red or blue)

Heavy duty collareach$7.00

Fleece padded collar


Biothane collar

Biothane collar - LIMITED SUPPLYeach$8.50