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Collared Neck Harnesses by Taiga :

We sell high-quality Taiga harnesses. Material is light weight webbing and closed cell long foam padding. Colors: X-back red webbing with black padding. H-back blue webbing with black padding. We can special order the X-back in blue and H-back in red. Also, we can order the above harness in long (distinguished by an L tag). A deposit will be required for special orders.

At Akela's Den we use these harnesses extensively. The new harness design is the product of a number of people's observations. They were field-tested extensively by both distance and stage mushers. Jeff King, Martin Buser, Susan Butcher and Jacques Phillip were some of the testers. The limited class sprint mushers who tested them included Kathy Frost and Magali Phillip. Without exception, the feedback has been favorable.

The Taiga harness is designed to help reduce injuries caused by some of the older style harnesses. The closer fit stops the straps from riding out on the front of the shoulder blades and in conjunction with the new scapula plate, eliminates the pressure on the tops of the shoulder blades. (see picture upper right) These are made of lightweight webbing and ripstop nylon covering closed cell foam to help keep the harness dry. On Taiga harnesses the tug line is a single open loop, color coded by size. The length of the tug varies according to the harness size so that all harness (except Jumbo sizes) are approximately 36 inches long. This allows different size dogs to fit in equal length gangline sections.

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Taiga harness

Taiga - collared - x-backeach$40.50
Taiga - Regulareach$38.50