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Zinpro is a patented organic source of zinc for animals. It is made by linking the amino acid methionine with zinc to form a structure (zinc methionine) that can be readily absorbed directly into the bloodstream and carried to the target organs such as skin, foot pads and nails. We need to supplement zinc even though some may be present in your animals diet as some sources of zinc do not always ensure that the mineral is available for absorption to the animal. High levels of calcium, copper, and salts, produce phytic acid, and acid in cereal grains also interferes with zinc assimilation. If you want to read more about the importance of Zinc, click here.

Zinpro is highly palatable. Allow 4 - 6 weeks for Zinpro to work. It is not toxic and can not be over fed.

Genesis & Revive Charts A ‘Multi-System’ Nutritional Supplement For Canine Athletes Needing Extra Endurance, Strength, & Immune Function Offers an array of benefits:
  • Digestive System Health Support
  • Pathogen Binders & Toxin Binders
  • Immune System Modulators
  • Joint Support
  • Foot Health
  • Muscle & Heart Health
  • Feed Efficiency
  • Strong Appetite
  • Provides the correct supplementary level of
        vitamins, minerals, protein, and fat an active canine
  • Contains Astaxanthin
  • Easy to Feed
  • Economical

    A Body Replenishing Nutritional Supplement For Canine Athletes, During & Post Exercise.

  • The only energy supplement on the market designed
        to work with the dog during exercise
  • For use with endurance sport canines or any dog
        that is depleting key body system nutrients due to
       overwork, dehydration, stress or rehabilitation
  • State of the art replenishing nutrition that acts
        fast to support many body systems simultaneously
       for rapid recovery and sustained performance
  • Improved formula contains Astaxanthin 35% more
        effective energy than similar products on the
  • Easy to feed
  • Economical

  • Firm-a-Stool:
    A Dietary Supplement for Dogs With Diarrhea or Loose Stools.

  • Powerful therapy and effective
  • prevention for canine diarrhea
  • Provides electrolytes, natural fibers, pectins,
        energy, vitamins, and minerals to improve stool
        condition in dogs
  • Easy to use, mix directly into feed ration
  • Can be used as a preventative or a treatment
  • Fast acting
  • Consider for organic use

  • ZINPRO regular

    NOT AVAILABLE0.450 kgN/A
    ZINPRO regular2.5 kg$60.00


    Genesis15 lbs

    Revive - NOT AVAILABLE

    Revive - NOT AVAILABLE7 lbsN/A
    Revive - NOT AVAILABLE15 lbsN/A

    Firm a stool

    Firm a stool - NOT AVAILABLEper lbN/A