Gang Lines ... Akela's Den!

We make a unique style of gangline that is different in that we splice the cable inside the rope (not crimped). This style makes for a stronger line, with less breakage. We use 3/8" hollowcore braided rope with 1/8" cable in the center. The neck lines and tug lines are made of 1/4" rope. (colors of rope may vary upon availability).

All pieces are interchangeable and replaceable except for the wheel and team as the wheel pieces are longer. Neck lines and tug lines can be changed without taking the line apart. SNAPS ARE EXTRA.

Our gangline has a center line with tug lines and neck lines. This gangline meets the requirements for mid and long distance races, but is also light enough for sprint racers. It comes in wheel, team and leader sections.

Core cable only in centre line. Leader section, tug- and necklines are not equipped with core cable unless on special request.

We handle now 2 different types of gangline. We can provide gangline with or without cable inside. Gangline to make every musher happy!

2-dog lead section (folded up)

lead + lines2 dog

2-dog team section (folded up)

Team + cable/lines2 dog
Team + lines2 dog
Wheel + cable/lines2 dog
Wheel + lines2 dog