Runner Wax ... Akela's Den!

Our best selling product! Itīs a hockey puck sized container with a felt applicator and a bottle of NOTwax. It contains enough liquid for over 15 applications (30 days of skiing or riding if used on one pair of skis or one board). The canister fits conveniently in your pocket, is quick, clean and easy to use and can be refilled many times. Nothing is wasted.

We also sell small packets that are good for 3 uses.

Zardoz NOTwax

The Worlds Slipperiest Ski and Snowboard Lubricant

The silky sensation of effortlessly gliding through every snow condition. The snow feels so smooth that you wonder if your feet are still on the ground! This is the Zardoz NOTwax Experience.

What Is NOTwax?

NOTwax is a slippery space age lubricant from DuPontTM. It is an inert, non-toxic, TeflonTM-like liquid that wipes easily onto the base of all skis or boards instead of wax. It absorbs into most bases and is held on by capillary attraction- like water in a sponge. The snow wicks out a thin, hydrophobic film of NOTwax, which constantly lubricates the surface of your base. The smooth, consistent glide that NOTwax offers makes skiing and boarding more enjoyable. It works in any temperature and lasts 2-3 days per application. NOTwax is particularly slippery at low speeds- ideal for snowboarders and Nordic skiers!

What are the unique benefits of using NOTwax?

  • It's quick and easy to apply

  • Everyone can use it – no special knowledge or tools     required

  • Provides consistent glide in changing snow     conditions

  • Feels slippery and smooth- especially at low speeds

  • Prevents lurching and sticking in wet, spring snow

  • Works over a broad temperature range Protects     base from wear

  • Prevents buildup of black gunk in spring

  • Helps guarantee you a good time no matter what the     mountain throws at you

  • Why use NOTwax in place of wax?

  • No ironing, no fumes, no mess

  • Can be applied at any time- even right at the chair     lift or on the hill

  • No drying time or buffing required

  • Environmentally friendly, nontoxic and odorless

  • Refillable and reusable

  • Much less expensive (per day) than "quick" waxes     or hot waxes

  • Zardoz NOTwax for waxing runners