Sleds & Sled Runners ... Akela's Den!

We are working together with a local sled builder who has made many sleds and runners that where tested and proven in many races and touring businesses around Canada and the States.

We have top quality oak or ash runners. They come 1 ¼” and 1 ½” wide and standard length is 8 feet but can make 9 foot runners on request.

Our runners are all laminated strips of 5/16” glued together with the strongest glue around.

Do you need a new sled? A toboggan or a basket sled perhaps? May be just a little sled to have your pet pulling you.

We can make you a custom build sled out of wood or aluminum. Phone for inquiries.

This service is only available in the off season!!

Small Toboggan Sled:
Smaller version of our regular sized Toboggan Sled. Comes with brakes (not shown) and drag matt. Ideal for recreational purposes with smaller team. New sleds will be build this summer. They will be available on a first come, first serve basis.

Sleds & sled runners

sleds-on request
8' Ash Runners 1 1/2"set$180.00
8' Ash Runners 1 1/4"set$165.00

Small Toboggan Sled

Small Toboggan Sled1$400.00