Muscle Ointments ... Akela's Den!

Akela's Den Ointment:
Musher's formula good for sore feet, or as a rub - makes dogs feet feel good. Stays soft in the cold. Based on Jim's Miracle Ointment without DMSO, dexamatazone and added aloe vera. This ointment is accepted by all sled dog races. Field tested during our Yukon Quest 2010 race!

Green Stuff:
Good for feet treatment after cuts or other injuries on the dog's feet.

An All-Natural Soothing Topical Fast Healing Salve. Larger containers upon request.

Supports healing of irritated skin Anti-bacterial. Reduces risk of reinfection. Stimulates circulation. A moisture and wind barrier. Fly repelling properties. Wound dressing. Easy application. Pleasant to work with and safe if ingested by animal. Consider for organic use.

A Moisturizing & Soothing Oil Based Foot Lubricant to Support Optimum Canine Foot and Pad Condition. Larger containers upon request.

Supports healthy skin condition and maintains supple and elastic pads and webbing. Provides a natural supportive type of lubrication to help reduce the risk of damage during heavy work. Enhanced tissue repair. Anti-inflammatory. Anti-bacterial and anti-fungal. Contains high levels of anti-oxidants, caratenoids, and omega 3 fatty acids which are supportive to tissue health when topically applied.

Akela's Den Foot Ointment

A.D. Foot Ointment 500g$25.00

Green Stuff

Green Stuff$11.25