Immunization Shots & Needles ... Akela's Den!

5-way Immunization shots:
Our 5-way shots for Parvo, Distemper, Parainfluenza, Hepatitis Virus. Available in single dose or a flat of 25.

Our shots are sent only priority mail (Canada Post, maximum 2 days) or bus. Akela's Den is not responsible for expired shots due to delayed shipping that is beyound our control. Please note that we do not refund on shots.

Syringe & Needles
Syringe capacities:
  • 3ml

  • 10ml

  • Needle sizes:
  • 20g x 1"

  • 22g x 3/4"

  • 25g x 5/8"

  • Immunization shot - 5 ways

    5 ways shoteach$12.50
    5 ways shotflat 25$11.50 each

    Syringe & Needles

    Syringe only (3ml)each$0.40
    Syringe only (10ml)each$0.60
    Syringe+needle (3mlx20g)each$0.75
    Needles only (20gx1")each$0.35
    Needles only (22gx3/4")each$0.35
    Needles only (25gx5/8")eachNot Available