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1st December 2006:

Season greetings from Akela’s Den!

Another month has past out here. Since a couple of weeks our place is winter wonder land and it seems like it will be till spring. Most of us look forward or have already had the joy of parking the ATV and switching to the sled. That’s what we are using now and it is sure a lot nicer and enjoyable then the sound of an engine. For the moment we are driving 2 10-dog teams but soon will run our best 16 and start exploring our longer trails. There will be a lot of trail breaking but it’s good training for the team. We are just a month away from our first little races out here, and 2 months from the 10th Canadian challenge Race. With a lot of new trail and a new team, Stefaan is really looking forward to running the Challenge again. Bart will be coming from Belgium to overlook his dog investment! You should have a peek at, . This is Bart’s creation and sponsored by Akela’s Den by means of his time towards the Challenge. With the Holiday season sneaking up on us we are wishing all our customers, friends, and supporters a Merry Christmas and a Happy New mushing Year with a lot of enjoyment for you and the dogs.

27 September 2006:

Finally a much needed update to the news flash… Well our training season has finally begun. Despite the large amounts of rain and mud we were anxious to get started, so start we did!! Our first few runs were somewhat eventful – forgetting to put the quad in gear at hookup time. Later the dogs ran off, trotting as usual when the gangline detached from the quad!!!!…It took some fancy maneuvering, and luckily we have a winch, so we managed to get the dogs reattached! Things have slowly calmed down though, and we are getting into a routine now… We are very pleased with the early performance of the dogs, so are really looking forward to the coming season. So far we plan to participate in the 3 major races in Saskatchewan. The Neckbone, the Canadian Challenge and our newest addition the Diamond North 400. We are also working on improving our selection of products, so are happy to announce that we are now making a gangline without cable for the sprint racers. We also will have a fleece-lined collar available for those of you who are looking for a softer fit, or have dogs with collar rubs. We have a few UH4000 2” wide runner plastic sets in stock.

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Contact us for more information or comments on the website, products, or just to chat!

Have A Great Fall…

1 August 2006:

Hi Everyone!! First of all we are more then happy to announce that our second set of puppies arrived. Two females and three males. We now also have names for both litters. The first litter out of Jones and Joker looks strong and healthy. Two males: Aragon and Alamo, and two females: Akela and Aztec. Our second litter, out of Sandra and Bassett (Bassett is not one of ours) were born just a few weeks ago. Three males: Blackjack, Braveheart and Baltic and two females: Blizzard and Bali. Together with two more dogs we got from Coedy Teichroeb. Two males namely Chief and Eagle. This brings our racing kennel up to 30 mushing dogs. 18 dogs will be ready to race this season. This means that we will have a lot of yearlings to train next season. Bart will also fly over for few weeks to help us out during the Canadian Challenge 2007. As mentioned before, due to work commitments, he is not able to fly over this winter but he sure will be present for the racing season 2007 – 2008!!! This is it for now. Stay tuned for more news to come…

18 June 2006:

Hi Everyone!! Well, we finally have some news to report out of Akela’s Den again! We are currently working hard to get our dog yard in place. We just could use some more cooperation with the weather. It has been very wet out here this Spring, so with every rainstorm the low spots fill with water. The dogs are enjoying their time off, and putting on some extra pounds! Also, our first set of puppies arrived on June 11th, which is very exciting, and we are looking forward to the coming winter to see how they do!! With spring almost over, our business has been doing well. We are enjoying talking with you all and keeping you all satisfied with all your supply needs. Even with summertime approaching, some of us are already looking ahead to fall and ordering gangline and such…obviously you are on the ball… Living on the trail of the Canadian Challenge Sled Dog Race, and recently becoming a board member (Stefaan), we are very involved with the race, and are looking at some major changes. First off, they are looking at making most of the race on bush trails, and second it will be a full qualifier for the Yukon Quest and Iditarod races, with almost no handler assistance. Thirdly, the town of La Ronge is also bringing in the chief of the largest Indian Band in Saskatchewan to get things going from their end of the race. We have been talking to Jim and Elaine Tomkins and they are in the process of starting a new 300 mile qualifier race towards the east of the province. Towns like Candle Lake and Nipawin are rolling up their sleeves and are ready to welcome this new race. Check out next months update and find out more about these great races. Bart went to Belgium again, after a 6 months stay at our place. Unfortunately he will not be able to train and race upcoming winter with us due to work commitments in Belgium. But he sure hopes to be "AS SOON AS POSSIBLE" back in the neighborhood. We hope you all have a great summer, relax, because fall training is not far off…! All the best ‘til next time from Akela’s Den.

23 April 2006:

It took Bart a while, but all product photos should be available now. We have been contacting people outside Saskatchewan to increase our distribution area for dog food. Besides all that, the snow is finally gone so we can soon start clearing out an area and finally welcome our new Akela’s Den Racing Kennel we bought from J&E Tomkins Racing Kennel. Next week, unfortunately, Bart will go back to Belgium for the summer. But will be present for next training and racing season. It was for all of us a busy, hard working but good racing season. We are already looking forward to the first snowfall again next season...

6 April 2006:

Our first week and if things keep on going that way, we will soon run out of Mushers Mix Dog Food. So we better get a new load as soon as possible. Besides all that, Bart has been uploading more pictures to the website. Now we have product pictures for harnesses, snaps, quick links, dog food etc. Stefaan has been contacting people for sponsoring our Racing Kennel, so if you are interested in sponsoring our racing team, you can always contact us. More news to follow soon…

2 April 2006:

Today was our big move. We moved over all our products from Jim and Elaine to our place. We were also happy to be of service to our first customers, which means that slow but sure the word starts to spread that we have taken over the J&E Tomkins Sled Dog Supply business. Bart has been busy fixing some errors on the website and designing our new business cards, placards etc, while Stefaan and Tanja are busy at the moment unpacking everything. We can also assure you that the harnesses we sell are not only for dogs, but are also handy to keep your kid from running away all the time. Yanna was our volunteer and was a happy mushing dog for a while. Unfortunately, spring is at our doorstep so we could not try her in front of a sled yet, but next year maybe we will. Tuesday, 4th April 2006, we will haul our very first load of special musher mix dog food. Every second we learn more and more from our new little venture. We are already looking forward to the new mushing season. Our racing team looks very promising and we are already thinking about enlarging our Akela's Den racing Kennel... So stay tuned for more news to come…

1 April 2006:

As of today, we are taking over the former J&E Tomkins Sled Dog Business. Bart has been working really hard on the website for the past months to give it a new shape and a new refreshing identity. He has become our personal webmaster, so blame him if something doesn't work before you throw your computer out of the window after having problems visiting our website. We hope you enjoy mushing through our new website. If you have any problems with the website, or found any errors or gaps, you can always contact us at Tanja and Stefaan have been extremely busy with the transfer of the business, a lot of paperwork! Yanna is still walking around and has shown here potential capabilities of becoming a great musher over and over again. Our next project will be cleaning out a spot to welcome our new Akela's Den Racing Team. Stay tuned for more news in the future...

1 April 2006:

J&E Tomkins Racing Kennel are selling all their racing dogs. Most of them ran races including the mid distance Canadian Challenge 2006 race. For more information visit there new website at or contact us at