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Akela’s Den Summer News

Spring arrived and left. Summer is running towards it’s end at Akela’s Den and we are already looking forward to start training.

Luckily spring was really dry so things dried up here nicely but it stayed cold for the longest I can remember. We made almost daily a fire. The warm weather just didn’t want to kick in. Spring time is always puppy time so at our kennel.

This year was the first time I will be sharing a litter with Jerry and Lisa Joinson out of Fort St-James, BC. We bred Scoobie with one of their kennel stars and she had 5 males and 3 females. We just got back from bringing a load of dog food out and brought 4 pups back!

Our accident on the trail during the Caledonia Classic gave us 5 pups on Mother’s day. They are quite the bunch of mischief. They were just a month or so when they broke out of their pen.

We finally were able to get our Buser female, Bewitched bred this year. It was quite the ordeal. Our stud we picked was Quincy, a Seavey male. We found out after our last race that because of frost damage he was not able to breed so we had him at the vet. Won’t go into detail here but with a little bit of help we managed to get her bred and the last day of May we had 5 more pups.

In the meantime we lost 2 so we have12 pups in total for this year. With our last year’s crop we should have a nice future. We are really looking forward to start training this new bunch of pups.

With all that new breeding we have to make some room for the new stars. We have some very nice dogs of all ages for sale. Check our sale page or new listings.

Bart arrived back in the country the middle of June. He went back to Belgium for 6 weeks to charge up his batteries and during his time in Belgium, we persuade someone to come out and handle for us this winter. We’ll need the extra help if we want to get ready for the Yukon Quest. Our funding is going fine. We are about half way with our sponsorship. If you are interested in joining this great adventure contact us for more info. This summer will try to get all the logistics together. With the Quest starting a week earlier puts on some more pressure to start early and jump up our miles faster than we usually do but we have a very well experienced team of 20 dogs to be able to do this.

May long, Akela’s Den hosted the wind-up of Ma-Mow-We-Tak at Elk Ridge Resort just outside the National Park. Karen Ramstead unfortunately had to call of the day before because of the flue but somehow things worked out itself and we had some people of the U of S talking about genetics and Breeding and had Jason Skotheim, m aker of our Supreme dog food talking about dog food and it’s ingredients. It was a very interesting weekend. People who wants to look at his presentation we have a pdf file under our Dogfood Nutrition. Do you have any questions feel free to contact us or Jason.

So that was it for now. Hope everyone is enjoying their summer and enjoyed the ‘time off’ because fall training is coming soon...

Akela’s Den